We develop a strategy that is unique to each client to determine the best path to reach your desired outcomes.


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Group Training Solutions

Applying the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) framework, we help all types of organizations to improve internal and external communications, retain diverse employees, and become more culturally responsive to your clients. We identify your strengths and opportunities for growth using the IDI and provide customized programming to help you to achieve your goals.

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Individual Coaching

We support individuals with many goals including improving their work relationships, preparing for an assignment abroad or simply wishing to better understand the cultural differences around them.

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Cultural Competence or
Cultural Fluency?

In learning a new language, we know that if we dedicate the time and effort required, we will develop greater fluency. So, too, with cultural fluency – if we dedicate ourselves, we can continue to improve our fluency. I view the terms as interchangeable, but prefer fluency because it suggests that we all have the ability to learn and grow.


The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)®

Among other tools, LifeStories Matter utilizes the IDI to identify where we are in our lifelong journey toward cultural fluency. It is a reliable and validated instrument that, according to one African-American educator, “is safe, confidential and does not point fingers.”


LifeStories Matter Website Photos

I have selected website photos that reflect important aspects of my own values and cultural identity.

On the About Us page, the diverse hands reflect my view that cultural fluency is applicable to all of us, both within and outside of the U.S. To me, the hands speak of collaboration, responsibility, and action; of working together to improve ourselves and our world.

The remaining photos (above and on the Contact page) indicate that we are all on a journey and bring to mind my home state of Minnesota where lakes and snow abound.  Thanks for visiting! Caryn